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See!  Tell!  Write!  - A New Look at Narrative Writing
(Kindergarten and up)  How many times have teachers heard students say:  “I can’t write” or “My life is boring” or “I don’t have any ideas”?  As students SEE the stories of others, they begin to SEE and value their stories.  It is only a matter of time until stories overflow from the memory, the mouth, and the pencil.  Experiences and activities are aligned with Common Core Standards of writing, speaking and listening.  Bring Becky to your classroom to “Try it” and “You will SEE!”

Spice It Up

(Grade 2 and up)  Were you ever listening to an oral presentation and wondered when it would ever be over or feared you might fall asleep?  Have you heard this presentation:  “She was born . . . and . . . sadly she died”?  Whether it is making a historical character come to life, sharing a book report, presenting the story of a science experiment, or giving another oral presentation, Becky knows how to help students share presentations in a manner listeners want to hear more!

Folks Just Like Me
(Grade 1 and up)  Kids delight in hearing and learning the lessons carried through folktales.  This workshop is filled with fun activities that address speaking and listening standards.  By end of the sessions, students are excited and prepared to engage their audience through fluent and interesting speech as they carry tales to the folks!

Creative with the Clan
(PreK and up)  Looking for an evening that focuses on the family and excites all in attendance about telling, reading, and writing stories?  This evening is perfect for your group!   Any theme will work as Becky facilitates laughter, creativity, and stories the family will never forget!



Up Close and Personal

(Grades K and up) This workshop not only provides strategies for helping students find ideas for personal stories, but also gives teachers opportunities to explore their own memories. This is an enjoyable way to apply the Common Core Standards of speaking and listening to writing.

Boring to Soaring
(Grade 2 and up)  If you have wished for new and exciting ways to assist students in oral presentation skills, this is the workshop for you.  Becky has worked with students in sharing science experiments, portraying historical characters, and persuasively presenting opinions.  Teachers will come away with new and exciting ways to empower kids to make their information “come alive.”  Seeing students use good eye contact, hearing them speak clearly, and observing their confidence are but a few of the benefits of the workshop.

Pass it On
(PreK and up)  Whether personal or fictional stories . . . participants leave this workshop ready to pass them on.  Take the strategies and activities right back to the classroom where they will enhance skills in all areas of communication:  reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

What a Character
(Kindergarten and up)  Are you looking for unique ways to teach point of view or perspective?  Imagine your students interacting with literary characters such as “Viola Swamp” or the “Big Bad Wolf.”  Think of them learning science concepts from “Samantha the Scientist” or about the jungle and the farm directly from “Georgia of the Jungle” and “Bev of the Barnyard.”  Have you wished for ideas for using a hat, a costume, or a different voice to help a character or concept become reality for your students?  Then this is the workshop for you!



Have you wished for a time set aside to remember the special people you have known in your life?  Do you long to revisit places that have been important to you?   Behind those memories are “hiding the stories of your life.”   During the sessions Dave and Becky will help you explore memories without any pressure to share with the group or you can choose to introduce the group to the places and people in your life!

Did you know that well over half of the words of Jesus, the master storyteller, recorded in scripture are in story form?  In this two-part workshop, facilitated by the Everlys, you will learn the basics of storytelling, hear and see stories being told, and look at and practice ways to bring a story to life.  This workshop is geared toward anyone who tells stories to children or adults in church life or daily life – youth workers, Sunday School workers, pastors, teachers in schools . . . ANYONE!


“It was so much easier to write since they had told their stories many times and knew the story so well”  (Second Grade Teacher)

“I wish you could come every day.  You make stories sound so exciting you don’t even need pictures!”  (Julia – Second Grader)

“Becky was amazing with my 8th grade students.  Her enthusiasm and suggestions for public speaking were perfect for this age group.  Becky gave the students the confidence and encouragement they needed to succeed with their Right of Passage Experience, which requires each student to give a 20 minute presentation.  She is a true gift to teaching of all ages.”  (Eighth Grade Teacher)

“We can’t say enough about how amazing they were! Out of the 4 years I have done this project, these were by far the best presentations I have ever seen. Thank you again for coming to teach our kids such a wonderful skills.”  (Teacher – following oral presentations by fourth grade students)

“Becky taught my middle school students how to present projects so that others were as excited about listening to their presentations as the students were when they completed them.  She showed them how to connect with the listener and think in images in addition to words.  This helped them feel more comfortable and less worried about missing a step or saying something wrong.”  (Middle School Science Teacher)

“The value of storytelling is in drawing the kids into the story in a way they will remember the teaching point. The Everlys give practical ways to make stories entertaining as well as compelling. When you know how to prepare to tell a story, you have the confidence to do it well. And your students benefit. ”  (Church Children’s Director)

“Loved having Becky teach the children how to make story boards for their American Hero oral presentations!  She taught them how to ‘visualize’ images in their minds to remember the speech.  It helped them so much!”  (Second Grade Teacher)

“It truly has made a huge difference in the performance quality!”     (teacher – following oral presentations by fifth grade students)

“Storytellers elaborate on the concepts and the ‘pictures’ they have made about their content . . . (my child) was assigned an oral presentation . . . instead of reading monotone from 3×5 cards, she ‘became Jane’ and told her story!  The audience was engaged, they learned more because interest is ignited about the subject.” (parent – following oral presentations by fourth graders)

“. . . presented an outstanding ‘Storytelling’ workshop . . . exciting to see the students engage as . . . told stories through a variety of ways . . . well paced, interactive plan for getting students to understand the art of storytelling and empowers the students to try this on their own with high interest activities . . . plan to use Mrs. Everly in the future . . . to support students and families in the area of literacy.”  (principal – following family reading night at K-5 school).

“I would like to thank Becky Everly, master storyteller, for working with us today. She helped us create some amazing stories!”  (Third Grade Teacher)

“Students don’t like to revise when they have written something.  The activities help them spend lots of time revising verbally.  Then they could not wait to write!” (Third Grade Teacher)

“You would have been so PROUD of my 2nd graders and their STORYTELLING… was amazing….I never had them write ONE WORD….they never WROTE A SPEECH…they ran their movies in their minds.”  (Second Grade Teacher)







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