Becky brings characters to life and tells stories from those characters’ perspectives – remaining in character and costume for presentations.  See “performances” area for description of programs the characters bring. Favorite characters include:

Mrs. Claus

Christmas Party Comments:

“We have invited Mrs. Claus into our home for the last four Christmas’s as we gather family and friends together to celebrate the holidays.  Having Mrs. Claus come to our home and share some of the “magic” of Christmas through her storytelling  is one of my most cherished memories. The giggles, smiles and the seeing that magical look in my girls eyes is truly priceless.” (Parent)

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much you were adored and appreciated tonight!  My child’s quote of the evening ‘mom did you know this was going to happen, because we didn’t talk about this!’  You were simply AMAZING and PERFECT in every way!!! What a talent you have!!!!” (Parent)

Bev of the Barnyard

“My class LOVED when Bev of the Barnyard came to visit our school.  They were so excited to see our favorite main character come to life.  They enjoyed hearing her stories about those silly farm animals and getting to help act out the story.  As a teacher I was so impressed with how so many important Kindergarten vocabulary words were used (sequence, position words, voice, and so many more)!  Later  that morning the students came in from recess claiming to have seen Bev of the Barnyard’s lost pig!!!” (Kindergarten Teacher)

“Boy, that Bev of the Barnyard was really funny!”  (Kindergarten Child)

Polly Pilgrim

“The information was perfect!!!  The kids really enjoyed it.  Did you see their confused faces at first?  They weren’t quite sure what to think.  A real Pilgrim??? You are awesome!”  (Kindergarten Teacher)

“Polly does a wonderful job of telling stories about her voyage across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower.  The children really enjoyed when Polly retold the stories she said she had learned from Squanto about why a bear hibernates and turtles have cracks on their shells.”  (Kindergarten Teacher)

Mother Goose

Georgia of the Jungle