Performances by Becky Everly

You Name it – You’ve Got it – Great Stories!
(PreK and up)  You want someone else to choose the content of the performance for your group?  Give Becky an idea or a theme and she can arrange a program to fit.  Or, just name the ages of the children and/or adults and Becky will gather stories that will delight the group.

Why Me?   Why NOT You?
(PreK and up)  Why do I need to be responsible?  Why all the emphasis on kindness and safety?  Chose this program with stories that focus on character traits such as respect, courage, and self-control.

Mrs. Claus Tells It All
(all ages)  Did you know that children once searched for Santa at the North Pole?   Have you ever wondered what Santa’s favorite cookie is?  Join Mrs. Claus as she shares tales of her life with Santa as well as other stories that delight children and adults at the magical time of year called Christmas.


Mud and More

(PreK-Grade 1)  Bev of the Barnyard will help you “get the dirt” on many farm animal adventures, show you how to deal with an enormous vegetable, solve the mystery of the little red house, and more.

Obviously October
(PreK and up)  Becky replaces the frightening with fantastically funny tales and tells surprisingly silly stories instead of the scary ones.  Let the not-so-scary fun begin!

Rhyme all the Time
(PreK-grade 1) Through songs, rhymes, wiggles and giggles the exciting and energetic Mother Goose will acquaint you with her son Jack.   Perhaps you know him as having a broken crown and being nimble, but did you know he is also lazy?

Munsch a Good Book
(PreK-and above)  Robert Munsch, storyteller and author, has created books kids love.  A program of his books is full of ponytails, and birthdays, and princes – oh my!  Becky loves to get kids hooked on authors and books, so let her plan a program with Munsch or another favorite author.  From Eric Carle to Beatrix Potter to  . . . you name it, Becky can tailor the program to fit your needs and excite your kids.

Wonders of the Wild and Wacky
(PreK and up)  Georgia of the Jungle will lead you to sites where wild animals make their homes.  Have you wondered why elephants have trunks or rabbits have short tails?  Join Georgia and other participants for interactive stories and songs that are sure to bring fun and enlightenment.

Time Travel
(Kindergarten and up) Travel with Polly Pilgrim from England to a new home.  Her stories will make the experiences of the Mayflower, in the Plimoth community, and with the Native Americans come alive for the audience.

Candles, Candles Everywhere

(PreK and up)  Create a new tune for “Happy Birthday to you. . .”  Name a theme and let Becky develop stories for a birthday party you will never forget!



“We ALL loved the assembly! You were PERFECT!  Not many storytellers would have made an assembly meet our specific needs.” (Second Grade Teacher in K-5 assembly)

“The kids loved you and I hope you will come back and visit again.” (Program Assistant – YMCA)

“Becky Everly has come to visit our preschool on more than one occasion. She engaged parents as well as students, helping us all to channel our inner storyteller…the children and their parents still talk about this magical time with Ms Becky!”  (Director of Early Childhood at school for Pre-K – 8th grade).

“Our storyteller (Becky Everly) was wonderful; entertaining both young and old.” (Parent – following school literacy night)

“Very enjoyable -actions, voice and facial expressions made the story.”  (Teacher)

“I enjoyed your performance . . . you mesmerize the kids.” (Preschool Teacher)

 “When you tell a story . . . I feel like I am there.” (Third Grade Student)

“ . . . was GLUED to you! He LOVED your stories!! (Grandparent)

“Ms. Everly had great control over her audience and kept their attention. Great stories.”  (Teacher)

“I was mesmerized by your interpretation of the story ultilizing that hymn. Indeed you have a wonderful music voice.” (Professional Storyteller)

“We are glad you came!  My son was impressed—he thought you were very good, and he’s a demanding audience.”  (Principal following K-5 assembly)

“Thanks so much for your stories tonight. I could have listened for hours. You have such a gift!” (Women’s Banquet)

“You were absolutely perfect!  THANK YOU!”  (Mom at MOPS/Mothers of Preschoolers)

” . . . these children come from very different backgrounds with a very diverse set of needs.  Most of these children don’t have lots of ‘experiences’ to draw background knowledge from.  For them to experience storytelling from you was a wonderful gift.” (Teacher of Early Childhood – Special Education)

“Dave and Becky came highly recommended . . . kept us captivated for a solid hour .  . . their stories were full of fascination and delivered in such a unique way!  We can hardly wait to have them back!”  (Retirement Center)

“As I listened to the story, I felt like I was in the story and on the train with the children.  I wanted to say, ‘I believe, I believe!’ ” (principal of K-5 school)


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